Parent Coaching Package

woman reading book while sitting on chair
woman reading book while sitting on chair

5 one-hour parent coaching sessions over a three to four month period, working through a predetermined framework adapted to your family.

Includes a printable workbook that will help you to learn, record insights and be action-focused in implementing takeaways.

Cost: $400

Group Courses and Workshops

white notebook on white textile
white notebook on white textile

Parent Coaching Sessions

One-hour individual sessions for review or to work through other specific parenting issues.

Cost: $80 each (available after completing 5-session package)

Homeschool Mentoring

woman writing on printer paper on table
woman writing on printer paper on table
  • Are you considering homeschooling and want to find out more from a seasoned homeschool mom?

  • Are you new and in need of a little guidance with how to plan your days, choose curriculum and manage all the things?

  • Have you been homeschooling for a while and hit some challenges that you need a little support with?

  • Are you homeschooling a neurodiverse child?

Are you interested in having a workshop at your church, co op other group event? I can facilitate one of the Connected Families courses together with your friends, family or ministry group (in person or online).

Courses include: Discipline That Connects, The Entitlement Fix, The Power of Questions, Grace and Truth for Moms, Sibling Conflict and Sensitive and Intense Kids.

Cost: Varies

The Connected Families framework is also applicable to homeschooling and is a wonderful tool to help you improve your learning atmosphere. I'd love to be your guide in creating the nurturing and connected homeschool you long for.

Cost: $80 per one hour session

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